Which of These 5 Great Car Rental Options Is Right for You?

With the holiday season in full swing, holiday travel and vacation trips are the norm. When cruising from place to place, it’s important to be driving a dependable vehicle. If you are traveling to the East Coast this holiday season, be sure and call your friends at Value Van & Car Rental and reserve your car today. If you’re not sure which car rental is right for you, remember these five options that will help you make an educated decision.

Car Rental

1. Money Savers

Economy cars are popular options if you’re taking a trip on a budget. With the smaller car option, you’ll be able to navigate busy city streets with much more ease than a big burly vehicle. (Nissan Versa, Suzuki SX4 and similar options.)

2. Not Too Big, Not Too Small

Looking for something with good gas mileage and enough space to stretch out, but not too bulky? Intermediate rental cars might be the answer for you. (Ford Focus, Nissan Sentra, Toyota Camry and similar options.)

3. The Standard Option

One of the most popular options is the Standard car rental. With an emphasis on comfort, this option is bigger than both the Economy and Intermediate options for an affordable price. (Nissan Altima, Toyota Camry and similar options.)

4. The Lap of Luxury

If you’re comfortable with spending a little more money and are interested in cutting-edge technology, world-class handling, and extravagant interiors, the Luxury option might be the right choice for you. (Chrysler 300 and similar options.)

5. Comfort and Style

Possibly the most comfortable option is the Premium car rental. With plush seats, spacious cabins, and smooth handling, Premium car rentals are a popular option. (Ford Taurus and similar options.)

When traveling to Newark, Union, Jersey City, and the surrounding areas this holiday season, call Value Van & Car Rental at (973) 792-0343 or reserve online and enjoy the many exemplary options at your fingertips.