Visiting Wild West City in NJ

Fake TownIf you’ve exhausted your time at the beaches and boardwalks, try a different attraction for family entertainment. Wild West City is a western-themed park that offers visitors a chance to experience what life was like on the American Frontier. Put on your cowboy boots, and let loose at this popular NJ attraction.

Located in Netcong, Wild West City is only a 30-minute trip from Newark. Gather your family in your van rental, and treat your kids to one of the most unique attractions in the state. At Wild West City, your family can spend the day enjoying any of these exciting activities:

  • Main Street 1880: This live-action theater functions as both a museum and a site for historic recreation. The show will take you back to the trigger-happy days of Dodge City, Kansas, in 1880. During the quest to find the infamous Jesse James, you may even get asked to participate in the show.
  • Stagecoach Ride: Hop on board The Wells Fargo to get a tour of the premise. You’ll see an old-fashioned school house and chapel along the way. However, be prepared for any bandits that might be lurking in the streets.
  • Barnyard Zoo: Visit this attraction to see animals that would have lived on a typical pioneer farm. The collection of country animals includes goats, ponies, pigs, and hens.
  • Miniature Golf: Playing a round of mini golf with the family is a great way to relax on a summer afternoon.
  • Panning for Gold: Your family can pan for gold just like the ‘49ers did in the West. Who knows, maybe you’ll walk away with some heavy pockets full of treasure.

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