Visiting New Jersey’s Top Universities with a Rental Car

Exploring potential colleges is an exciting yet often logistically challenging task for prospective students and their families. New Jersey, home to some of the nation’s top universities, offers many campuses to visit. Renting a car can simplify this process. Continue reading to learn more from the team at Value Van & Car Rental.

Visiting New Jersey’s Top Universities with a Rental Car

Why Rent a Car for College Tours?

Renting a car offers unparalleled freedom when navigating multiple college campuses. Public transportation may not always be reliable or convenient, especially when visiting institutions across different cities. With a rental car, you can easily manage your schedule, visit multiple campuses daily, and explore the surrounding areas at your own pace.

Princeton University

Start your tour with Princeton University, located in the picturesque town of Princeton. Known for its Ivy League status and stunning Gothic architecture, Princeton’s campus is a must-see. With a rental car, you can explore beyond the campus, visiting nearby attractions like the Princeton Battlefield State Park and the historic Nassau Street with charming shops and restaurants. Parking is available on campus, but be sure to check the university’s visitor parking guidelines.

Rutgers University

Next, head to Rutgers University, with its main campuses in New Brunswick, Piscataway, Camden, and Newark. Each campus offers a unique experience, from the bustling urban environment of Newark to the more traditional college town feel of New Brunswick. A rental car makes it easy to traverse these locations and compare their different atmospheres. Don’t miss the Rutgers Gardens in New Brunswick or the cultural attractions in Newark, such as the Newark Museum of Art.

Stevens Institute of Technology

Situated in Hoboken, the Stevens Institute of Technology offers breathtaking Manhattan skyline views. The campus is relatively compact, making it easy to explore in a short time. Use your rental car to visit Hoboken’s waterfront parks and vibrant downtown area, filled with cafes, boutiques, and restaurants. Parking can be challenging in Hoboken, so look for nearby parking garages or street parking options.

Seton Hall University

In South Orange, Seton Hall University provides a suburban campus experience with close proximity to New York City. The rental car allows you to comfortably explore the campus and the quaint village of South Orange. Take a short drive to the South Mountain Reservation for a nature break, or visit the nearby Turtle Back Zoo.

Maximizing Your College Tour Experience

With a rental car, you have the flexibility to customize your college tour itinerary. Plan your routes in advance, taking into consideration traffic and parking availability. Allow extra time to explore each campus and its surroundings, as this can provide valuable insights into student life and the local community.

Visiting New Jersey’s top universities is a rewarding experience that can shape your educational journey. Target Rent A Car is here to help. We offer quality van rentals and car rentals that make for an excellent travel experience. Contact us today at (908) 851-9595 to book a reservation.