Visit National Historical Landmarks with your Newark Rental Car

Many historical landmarks are located in New Jersey and within a short drive of the Newark area. Travel to Liberty State Park with your rental car, and take the ferry to Ellis Island Immigration Museum and the Statue of Liberty. Your east coast vacation won’t be complete until you’ve seen these treasured landmarks.


Liberty State Park is located approximately 10 miles east of Value Van & Car Rental’s office in Newark, NJ. The park is located along the Hudson River across from Battery Park on the New York side.

A Day at Liberty State Park

The park has recreational areas for walking, biking, and jogging, and it also has areas for water activities such as fishing, boating, or kayaking. For access to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, visitors will have to take a ferry to each of those islands. Statue Cruises offers a schedule of ferry departure times, as well as travel tips, on its website.

If you are traveling with a large group, parking for your passenger van rental is available in the Historic Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal near the water. There is a fee for parking in this area, but it is an ideal location if your group is looking to take the ferry.

Due to damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, several areas are still closed down within Ellis Island Immigration Museum. The entire 3rd floor is closed, and there is limited access to the 2nd floor. Restoration is currently in progress and expected to be restored within a few months. However, it’s still worth making a trip to the island, as the entire first floor is open to visitors and houses the Baggage Room and Registry Room. To complete your visit, search for your ancestors in the database, and learn about their journey to America.

When visiting the Statue of Liberty, you can go all the way up to the crown of the statue, up to the pedestal, or stay on the ground. Crown and pedestal tickets require advance reservations, and ground tickets are included in the ferry tickets.

Ticket Prices

Ferry Ride and Ground/Pedestal Access to Statue of Liberty:

Adults – $17
Seniors 62+ – $14
Children 4 to 12 – $9

Ferry Ride and Crown Access to Statue of Liberty:

Adults – $20
Seniors 62+ – $17
Children 4 to 12 – $12

When navigating around New Jersey on your trip, trust Value Van & Car Rental for your vehicle rental needs. We offer minivans, conversion vans, and passenger vans, as well as car and SUV rentals. Contact us today at (973) 792-0343 to reserve your rental for your trip to Liberty State Park in New Jersey. We look forward to serving you!