The Turtle Back Zoo in Essex County

There are many places in New Jersey that you can take your family. If you plan on visiting New Jersey this November, we recommend visiting the Turtle Back Zoo. The Turtle Back Zoo is located in Essex County, New Jersey and has a variety of exhibits to enjoy. Whether you plan to spend the day at the zoo or just the morning, you and your family will have a great time seeing the animals on display.

The Turtle Back Zoo has many different exhibits. Some of the most popular exhibits are the Southeast Asia Exhibit, Australian Exhibit, Penguin Coast exhibit, and the Tropical Currents Aquarium Exhibit. There is also an exhibit that features native New Jersey animals. Your children will be in awe at the New Jersey bald eagle, bobcat, porcupine, and many other native animals. The Turtle Back Zoo features so many different animals that your child will surely see their favorite animal there.

In addition to viewing animal exhibits, there are also several activities you and your family can enjoy. The Turtle Back Zoo features an African safari themed miniature golf course. Your children will have a great time putting around elephant and lion replicas. If you don’t have time for a game of putt-putt, there is also a carousel ride your children will enjoy. The carousel’s animals are actually endangered species, so your children can learn something educational while they ride.

The Turtle Back Zoo is closed this Thanksgiving Day, but reopens on the following Friday. Starting November 25th, the zoo will be decorated with over 100,000 lights to celebrate the holiday season. You and your family can view the animals earlier in the day and come back in the evening to see the zoo all aglow with Christmas lights.

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