Top 3 Reasons to Rent a Minivan

Minivan RentalWe don’t know whether it’s the stigma of the family vehicle or of losing your “cool status,” but for whatever reason, many people avoid the minivan at all costs. However, at Value Van & Car Rental, we are here to tell you that there’s a lot of perks that come with renting a minivan. Here are just a few that might change your mind.

1. Comfort

When you try to cram your family or your friends into the back of a car (no matter what size), you will just never have enough space. It’s rare that a car has all the leg room an adult or older kid needs for traveling around town, let alone going on longer trips. A minivan on the other hand has plenty of space to give everyone in your party (up to 7 passengers) a comfortable ride.

2. Convenience

Minivans were built with family travel in mind. From seemingly unlimited cup holders, stereo systems, ample luggage capacity, and more, the minivan has everything you need to travel with ease.

3. Cost

Compared to other rental vehicles, the minivan is a good deal. Not only are the rental rates affordable, but the minivan also is fuel efficient for a vehicle that size. You can easily make a trip up the New Jersey coast or across the state without having to fill up the car every couple hours. In fact, most modern minivans get on average 17 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Have we at least convinced you to give minivans a chance? To find out more or to take the plunge with a minivan, contact our staff today by calling our Union, NJ, location at (908) 851-9595. We’d be glad to answer your questions, tell you about our current rental specials, or help you make the reservation.

photo credit: IFCAR (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons