Top 3 Newark Attractions for Kids

Newark Attractions for KidsWhether you’re on family vacation or looking for places to take your son’s Boy Scout troop, Newark, NJ, has a number of kid-friendly attractions that make for a great day trip. Here’s the top three our crew at Value Van & Car Rental recommend to our rental customers.

1. Branch Brook Park

Some fresh air will do everyone some good. Take your passenger van full of kiddos oover to Newark’s popular Branch Brook Park. Pack a picnic lunch, spend time at the playground, explore the children’s garden, or organize a baseball game for your group. You can easily spend an afternoon or day at the park. The kids will have a great time, and they’ll burn some energy in the process.

2. Newark Museum

If you’re looking for more of an educational experience, then be sure to check out Newark Museum. This attraction is best for older kids but can still offer interesting, interactive exhibits for kids of all ages. They also have a Creative Play that’s geared toward kids ages 3 to 5. For school groups, be sure to call ahead to arrange a special class trip.

3. Field Station: Dinosaurs

Just five miles outside Newark, you can discover a dinosaur experience unlike anywhere else. Field Station: Dinosaurs has over thirty life-sized dinosaurs that make the past come to life. Kids of all ages will enjoy seeing the dinosaurs move while also taking some time to participate in activities and workshops where they can learn more about these prehistoric creatures.

For all your family and group travels around Newark, you can rely on Value Van to help you find the right van rental to meet your needs. From minivans to 15-passenger vans, we have a van that can comfortably fit every kid in your crew. Our fleet is both affordable and reliable, and our customer service aims to please. To make a reservation, contact Value Van at (973) 792-0343, or book online.


photo credit: Everett and Carmen via photopin (license)