The Best Way to Travel with a Group

Traveling with a group is fun and exciting! You get to explore the world with people you enjoy, creating lasting memories. It can, however, be quite stressful. It’s important to have open communication and keep everyone on the same page. Use these tips from Value Van & Car Rental to make your next group travel session a success.

The Best Way to Travel with a Group

Choose a Leader

In a perfect world, groups would be able to navigate without issue, but that’s rarely the case. “Too many cooks in the kitchen” is the expression that comes to mind. Deciding on someone to be the leader of the group helps to ensure that someone is keeping track of the plans and can answer any questions. It’s also possible to break leadership up by responsibility: accommodations, travel, activities, etc.

Set a Budget

Often one of the more difficult aspects of group travel is the budget. Everyone has a different view of what is considered an acceptable travel spend amount. It’s good to be clear upfront and choose accommodations and activities that meet the group’s expectations. This will help keep everyone on the same page and not have any surprises or someone feeling left out.

Rent a Passenger Van

Of course, you’ll need transportation for everyone. You could use ride-sharing apps, but this can get expensive and often splits up the group. That is why we recommend booking a passenger van rental. Passenger vans can fit all of your group members and any luggage, if necessary. Splitting the cost makes it a very affordable option.

Look Beyond Hotels

Hotels can certainly be great and they often come with nice amenities. The issue is that hotel rooms typically only sleep a few people. So, again, the group is split up for a good chunk of the trip. You should explore other options such as booking an apartment, house, or condo to stay in. This allows for even more group activities like preparing dinner for everyone.

Create an Accessible Itinerary

These days, there are all kinds of apps and ways to create shared documents. Before your trip, lock in all of the travel plans and store them somewhere that is accessible to the group. This will allow everyone to stay on the same page and not forget or lose the plan.

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