Take a “Momcation” This Winter

If you’re a parent, you know that sometimes it’s necessary to step back, take a break from “mom duty”, and focus on yourself. That’s where a “momcation” comes in. Simply put, a momcation is a vacation away from your kids and your responsibilities. Taking time to be alone or catch up with your girlfriends is the perfect way to refresh and recharge so you can be an even better mom when you return. Our team at Value Van & Car Rental knows the value of a great vacation, so today we’re discussing the value of a great momcation.

Why You Need a Momcation

Why Do You Need a Momcation?

The fact is, moms work hard. Between housework, daycare, school, and after school activities, it can be almost impossible to find “me time.” So if you’re thinking you don’t have time for a momcation, that probably means you need one even more. Taking time away can improve your relationship with your partner by reducing stress and tension, as well as your relationship with your kids – it can be good to miss them a little! Plus, your family will benefit in learning how to manage without you.

Where Should You Go?

Unlike a typical vacation, a momcation doesn’t require too much effort. The whole point is to relax and escape from your every day responsibilities, not to stress out about planning special activities. Therefore, when selecting your momcation destination, choose somewhere reasonably close to home, with a yummy restaurant and maybe a spa close by. You can take this trip solo or bring along a close friend that will hang out in a hotel with you in your jammies, ordering room service, and binge watching reality TV.

How Should You Get There?

For the final piece of the momcation puzzle, consider renting a car instead of rolling up to the hotel in your minivan. You’ll be able to fully escape the stressors of everyday life when you drive a car that doesn’t have goldfish ground into the carpet. Consider a luxury rental car from Value Van & Car Rental for a comfortable and quiet ride, smooth handling, and a sleek exterior.

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