New Jersey is among the top summer vacation spots. There is plenty of sand and sea for you and everyone else with a lengthy 130-mile Atlantic coastline. The state of New Jersey boasts an unusual fusion of urban and rural settings. It has mountains, falls, hills, woods, lakes, beaches, mountains, and a well-known water gap. It is one of the most diversified states in the nation and offers something for pretty much everyone. So book your rental car from Value Van & Car Rental, grab your family and friends, and head out to explore!

Rent a Car for some Summer Fun in New Jersey

Down at the Beach

What would a summer getaway be without a trip to the beach? Some of the most beautiful beaches on the East Coast can be found in New Jersey. For both tourists and residents of New Jersey, it is by far the busiest and most alluring location. Throughout your stay, you can choose from a variety of entertaining activities. You’ll undoubtedly find the Jersey shore to be beach heaven, whether you wish to swim in the clear waters, lay down on the powder-soft sand, surf, sail, kayak, or simply stroll along the shore. You might opt to visit the most well-known beaches in New Jersey for exciting recreational activities or visit lesser-known hidden gems for a tranquil and laid-back experience.

Into the Wild

The animals and natural beauty of New Jersey are absolute joys all year long. You will have the chance to visit some of the most stunning natural landmarks when you venture outside of the cities. Zoos, reserves, and conservancies may pique your interest if you have a deep love for animals. You can go hiking, biking, strolling, or take a car trip in New Jersey’s natural surroundings, depending on the location. Even though New Jersey’s most well-known natural attractions are well-liked for a reason, you can explore the possibilities on your own and choose the ideal location for tranquility. And don’t forget to keep a camera close by at all times so you can record your best moments.

No matter how you choose to spend your summer in New Jersey, Value Van & Car Rental has the right vehicle to accommodate your needs. From larger van rentals to versatile SUV rentals and everything in between, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today at (908) 851-9595 to book a reservation.