Safety Tips for Driving at Night in a Rental Car

Driving at night can be stressful. This is especially true if you’re driving a rental car that doesn’t belong to you. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind while night driving from the team at Value Van & Car Rental.

Safety Tips for Driving at Night in a Rental Car

Dim Interior Lights

Your dashboard and infotainment screens can get pretty bright. This is helpful for monitoring your car’s systems, but it can also be a distraction when driving at night. You should dim these lights so that they are just bright enough to be read easily.

Correct High Beam Usage

High beams are extremely useful on open roads, especially in rural areas. Just keep in mind to turn them off if you’re following another car and to dim them when you’re 500 feet or less from an approaching vehicle (so you don’t momentarily blind the other driver).

Attentive Eyes on the Road

While you should constantly keep your eyes on the road, it is important to be mindful about having a fixed focus or staring into approaching headlights. The right edge of the road or lane markers can serve as a guide to help keep you on course when nearing an approaching vehicle to prevent being blinded by its headlights. Once you’ve passed the approaching car, look up again.

Test Your Safety Lights

Test each of your lights, including the high beams, daytime running lights, turn signals, and brake lights, on a regular basis. Additionally, remember to utilize your headlights to stay visible on the road. You should do so not only when it’s dark out, but also in inclement weather like rain, snow, and hail.

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