Why Rent an SUV?

xl7There are countless reasons that you might need a rental vehicle, but certain occasions call specifically for an SUV rental. Don’t forget to consider all the options before settling for a small car rental the next time you’re traveling. (908) 851-9595 in New Jersey offers car, SUV, and van rentals to suit your specific needs at an affordable price.

Uses of an SUV Rental

Sometimes you need an SUV rental for the space, while other times you need the power. Sometimes you want the luxury, while other times you prioritize the comfort. No matter your preference, here are some of the most common reasons to rent one of our SUVs:

  1. Luggage Overload: If you have a large amount of luggage, whether you’re on a family vacation or just can’t grasp the concept of packing lightly, an SUV rental is a great option. If you’re traveling with fewer passengers, consider a mid-size SUV rental. However, if you’re trying to replace the need for a minivan rental for the family, you may consider a full-size SUV rental.
  2. Camping Trip: If you’re camping, you’ll probably have more than just luggage to haul around. You’ll need space for the tent, cooking supplies, bedding, outdoor entertainment, lawn chairs, and more. An SUV rental is perfect for carrying everything you need while navigating rugged terrain with ease.
  3. Night on the Town: Have a date night in New York City with an SUV rental that exudes class.
  4. Test Drive: If you’re considering purchasing an SUV, it’s wise to think about renting one first. A test drive at the dealership only lasts a few minutes. Is that really long enough to decide if you want to buy the vehicle? However, if you rent an SUV for at least a few days, you’ll feel more confident about your decision to purchase.

With locations in Newark and Union, NJ, there’s no better choice than (908) 851-9595 when you need to rent a car. Our more than 25 years of service show why we’re the company to do business with. We prioritize customer service and provide high-quality rentals. Contact us at (908) 851-9595 (Union) or (973) 792-0343 (Newark) for further details, or make a reservation online.