Prudential Center in Newark NJ

With acts like Fleetwood Mac, Alicia Keys and Taylor Swift, Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey has something to offer for everyone in 2013. If you and a bunch of your friends and family want to go together to check out one of these great upcoming concert series, this could create a logistical nightmare when trying to determine how many vehicles you need and exactly whose car to use. A simple answer to this is utilizing a car rental in NJ to get everyone there together, and all at the same time.

If you use numerous personal vehicles not only are you going to spend more in gas money, but you are also going to accrue multiple parking fees. Finding parking together with multiple cars is probably also going to necessitate you deciding on a central location for meeting up with everyone. Renting a large enough car or passenger van negates all of this.

Even if you have a very large group that wants to go, there are 12 and 15 person passenger vans available. Saving on the wear and tear of your own personal transportation and getting through traffic much quicker with only one automobile full of friends are other benefits to car rental. If bad weather may factor into the outing, an SUV Rental is a great option for 6-8 music fans.

To make it a complete experience for a smaller group, consider renting a luxury vehicle to take you to dinner before the show and arrive at the concert in style. In the summer spend an entire day of fun with your friends by taking them to the beach for the day, and then to see your favorite act that night. Saving money on fuel and parking might just make getting to more than one top concert a year possible.

No matter who you want to see in concert, consider a car rental in NJ at Value Van & Car Rental to make it that much easier and enjoyable. Please contact us for superior customer service, and more information on how to conveniently rent a car to get everyone to the show.