NJ Hot Air Balloon Rides

Want a bird’s-eye view of New Jersey’s beautiful countryside? Take an aerial tour of the Garden State with a hot air balloon ride!

A-Lot-A Hot Air Balloon Rides offers an opportunity to take in nature’s bounty from a completely new perspective. It is located in New Jersey and easily accessed with your NJ rental car from Value Van & Car Rental.

Floating about the sky in a hot air balloon gives you sightseeing opportunities that you just can’t get as you are zooming overhead in an airplane.

At an altitude of up to 1500 feet, you’ll see the beauty of New Jersey’s Hunterdon County. Farmlands, rolling hills, and lakes are a small sample of the topography you’ll feast your eyes on from above.

Most flights depart either at sunrise or two hours before sunset, because these are the times of day that typically have the least amount of wind. Balloons are weather sensitive and you should always call ahead of time to make sure weather conditions are optimal for your balloon ride.

You can enjoy a hot air balloon flight all year-round, even in winter. In fact, A-Lot-A Hot Air pilot Tim Robins says, “One of my favorite times to fly is after a fresh snow.” It’s just important to dress appropriately, and remember that when up in the air, temperatures will most likely drop.

A-Lot-A Hot Air states that closed toe shoes and long pants are a must in all seasons.

A hot air balloon ride is just one great activity option on your NJ vacation. New Jersey offers countless exciting and entertaining destinations to visit, all of which can be easily accessed in your NJ van rental from Value Van & Car Rental. Contact us today and get started on your New Jersey adventure the right way!