NJ Holiday Shopping Tips

November has arrived, and stores are showing signs of holiday displays, great deals, and excited crowds filling sprinter vans full of gifts. As you think about your holiday gift-giving, you may be wondering how you can make the most of the season. Value Van & Car Rental of Union, NJ has some suggestions for avoiding the hum-bug attitude when it comes to your holiday shopping.

1. Don’t wait until the last minute.

By starting early, you can avoid feeling stressed when you’re close to Christmas and don’t have gifts under the tree. You can also take advantage of New Jersey sales early in the shopping season, purchasing special items as they go on sale.

2. Put yourself on a budget.

Planning out a holiday budget helps you avoid overspending. We suggest making a list of all the people to whom you’d like to give a gift, and begin jotting down ideas of what you might like to get them. Then, set a maximum dollar amount you plan to spend on each person.

3. Plan a group shopping trip.

Make the most of the holiday shopping season by making it into a group activity. You can rent anything from a minivan to several sprinter vans to accommodate your group. Make a day out of it! Enjoy shopping, getting lunch and/or dinner, and having good conversation with friends in the process. Just be sure to get a sprinter van rental large enough to accommodate your group and the purchases you’ll be coming home with.

4. Avoid impulse buys.

Be thoughtful about what you want to give your friends and family. Don’t just throw items into your shopping bag because you need to “have something.” Do a little research about what your friends and family might like. If you’re still at a loss, gift cards to favorite NJ restaurants or stores are usually appreciated.

5. Face the crowds, if necessary.

Most people find the traffic and crowds on Black Friday or the days leading up to Christmas a bit stressful. However, if you discover that a big-ticket item will be offered at an unbelievable price, then you may be happy in the long run to fight through the crowds. You may have to arrive very early and wait in line, but if you can stick to your holiday budget, it may be well worth the effort.

If you’re planning a group shopping trip or just need a rental car for your personal holiday shopping, call Value Van & Car Rental in Union, NJ at (908) 851-9595. Value Van & Car Rental has a wide range of rental vehicles, including everything from economy and luxury rental cars to SUVs. (In 2015, we will also be adding sprinter vans to our fleet!) Contact us today to book your van rental.