Navigating a new area can be difficult, especially if you are in a large group. Trying to stay together in multiple cars is fraught with issues and can become stressful quickly. Trying to squeeze everyone into one car is uncomfortable and may not be safe. At Value Van & Car Rental, we want your group to have fun and relax so we recommend renting a passenger van to make your trip more affordable and enjoyable.

Passenger Vans Make Group Travel More Convenient

Van Rental Options

Depending on your needs, there are several van rental options at your fingertips. For large groups or those with a lot of luggage or gear, a 15-passenger van is the way to go. However, if your group is slightly smaller, we also offer 12-passenger vans and minivans for even smaller groups. Better yet, if you plan to haul supplies rather than people, we offer cargo van rentals!

Passenger Van Rentals

Passenger vans really are the best option for large group travel. Whether your plans include a family reunion, a group or club excursion, or business travel as a team, a passenger van is the most convenient way to comfortably travel together. You won’t have to worry about half the group getting lost or arriving without your luggage because everyone and everything can stay together through the whole trip. Passenger vans are also perfect for transporting large groups to or from the airport. This option works well for guests coming into town for a wedding or event!

Value Van & Car Rental

At Value Van & Car Rental, we know that planning a group trip requires a lot of careful preparation and coordination. That’s why we make getting a passenger van rental in New Jersey fast and easy. With convenient locations in Union and Newark, Value Van ensures your rental is easily accessible so you can get on the road quickly. Contact us at (908) 851-9595 to learn more or reserve online.