Make the Most of Your Car Rental Experience

Travel can be a hassle, but there’s no reason why your car rental has to be. By following these few tips from our team at Value Van & Car Rental, you can ease some of your travel woes on your next trip to Newark, NJ.

Ford Focus

1. Book as early as possible.

While some people recommend waiting for last-minute deals, the reality is that these reduced rates are not always a guarantee—especially during busy seasons. You may find yourself less stressed if you book in advance and know you have secured your car rental.

2. Ask about special deals.

Many car rental companies—including Value Van and Car Rental of NJ—offer regular specials and online offers. Be sure to ask about these rental specials before booking!

3. Don’t skimp on space.

Don’t try to cram as many people as you can into a rental car. Often, people don’t account for passenger comfort or storage needs when reserving a car rental. Before you make the reservation, consider how many passengers you will have and how much luggage will be in tow.

4. Read the car rental agreement.

Know what you’re agreeing to so you don’t incur any additional fees by not keeping the rental clean or by failing to return the vehicle on time. These details may seem mundane when you’re in a hurry, but you can save yourself time, energy, and money by knowing what you’re signing. You’ll be held to it whether you read it or not.

For convenient and affordable Newark rental cars, contact Value Van & Car Rental at (973) 792-0343, or fill out our online reservation request form. We can help make your car rental experience one you’ll want to do again and again.

photo credit: PMDF via photopin (license)