Are you headed out of town over the holidays? If so, it’s never too early to book your holiday van rental from Value Van and Car Rental of New Jersey. It’s amazing the difference a van rental can make to your holiday travel experience.

When you try to pack your family, luggage, and holiday gifts into your car, things can get cramped fast. After a couple of hours in a limited space, you’re going to start wishing you had more place to store your belongings and travel comfortably. Don’t be a martyr when it comes to holiday travel. Instead, consider the benefits of a van rental:

  • Give everyone the elbow room they need.
  • Increase your storage space for luggage and gifts.
  • Get on-road entertainment with a TV/DVD player (conversion van rentals only).
  • Avoid putting miles on your personal vehicle.

Value Van and Car Rental of New Jersey has several different van rental options available—ranging from a minivan rental to a Sprinter van rental. You can check out each option and determine which van rental best fits your number of passengers, space needed, and travel budget. Be sure to also take a peek at our current van rental specials.

To make a reservation before the holiday rush, contact Value Van and Car Rental today at (908) 851-9595, or fill out the online reservation request form. We’ll be glad to help make your holiday travel a bit easier!

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