Jersey Shore Vacation on a Budget: Part One

Amusement park rides with a very blue sky as backgroundMost people find that running a household—especially for a large family—requires strategic spending habits. You may feel like breaking the bank is just not an option for your family vacation. Instead of saving for months on end, why not embark on a sporadic summer vacation that won’t hurt your wallet? 

At Value Van & Car Rental, we can provide you with reliable and affordable transportation. Offering comfortable seating and luggage space, our van rentals are excellent for family road trips to the Jersey Shore. Simply pick up a van rental from our Newark location, and take your family to any of these budget-friendly vacation options of the Jersey Shore:

  • Dorbrook Park: Pack bathing suits, toys, and some snacks, and head to this free attraction. At the park, your kids can play at the sprinkler playground and sandbox. The park also has a one-mile walking path that stretches to a charming orchard. If you want to bring bikes, our passenger van rentals have enough space to fit your family’s fleet.
  • Yestercades: If you enjoyed arcades in the ‘80s, share the pop culture phenomenon with your kids. The arcade features vintage games from Atari and Nintendo. At only $9 an hour, the rate is affordable enough for an afternoon pick-me-up during your vacation.
  • Keansburg Amusement Park: Big-name parks like Walt Disney World and Cedar Point may be fun, but they’re also expensive. With free admission, this amusement park is a cheaper entertainment option. Individual tickets for rides are priced at a mere $0.75, and you can save money by purchasing a sheet of tickets for your family to share.

Whether you’re taking a family vacation to Jersey Shore or a group trip to the local art museum in Newark, we are New Jersey’s most trustworthy rental company. Aside from our van rentals, we also have a large variety of quality car rentals and SUV rentals. To reserve a vehicle, contact us today at (908) 851-9595, or fill out our online form.