How to Plan an Awesome Guys’ Weekend

If you’re a married man with kids, chances are you probably don’t get very much “guy time”. Your vacations are likely either quick getaways with your spouse, or whole family vacations on the kids’ school breaks. However, every so often, it’s a great idea to get away with just the guys. In fact, planning a guys’ weekend can be help you recharge so you can be a better father, husband, and friend when you get back. To start planning your awesome guys’ weekend, follow these tips from Value Van & Car Rental.

How to Plan a Guys' Trip

Pick the Right Friends

By now, you’re old enough to know who you can travel well with and who you can’t. Just because you’re friends with someone doesn’t mean they make a good travel companion. Stick to your closest friends for a guy weekend, the ones you know you can jive with for hours at a time. That way, you won’t find yourself annoyed while on the road or frustrated when you can’t agree on the day’s activities. After all, this trip is to relax and unwind! So choose guys that want the same things out of the trip that you do.

Pick the Right Destination

As you consider destinations, think about the type of experience you want to have. Do you want to go to a city and experience the nightlife? Or would you rather spend some time out in nature and the wilderness? Or perhaps time on a great golf course is more your speed. Also, consider the distance you’re willing to travel. If this trip is only for a weekend, you likely don’t want to spend too much of that valuable time on traveling.  A driving time of three to four hours is a good goal to have in mind as you choose your destination.

Pick the Right Rental Car

Finally, once you know who you’re going with and where you’re going, the final piece of the puzzle is how you’ll get there. Anytime you plan a road trip, a rental car is a good idea. You won’t have to argue about whose car to take (and put extra miles on) and you can rent something fun like a luxury rental car! You and the guys will enjoy a comfortable and quiet ride, smooth handling, and a sleek exterior for your guys’ weekend.

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