How to Avoid Locking Your Keys in Your Car

One of the last things anyone wants to deal with on a busy day is locking their keys in their car. Imagine how much chaos your locked-in keys would add to a day full of meetings or family obligations. It would be a total disaster, especially if you’re on a trip! Luckily, there are several steps you can take to avoid locking your keys in your car, making days harder than they need to be. All you need is some organization and focused follow-through to ensure that you will never lock your car keys in the car again. Our team at Value Van & Car Rental has some great ideas for you, and we’ve listed them below.

How to Avoid Locking Your Keys in Your Car

Create a Routine

A great way to avoid locking your keys in your car is by creating a routine and doing the exact same thing each time you exit your car. Dedicate yourself to always using the same pattern to gather your keys and always lock the door the same way. That way you are less likely to screw up and forget your keys even when you are in a hurry. Creating a routine is key!

Use a Lanyard or Carabiner

Sometimes, keys get left in cars because people simply do not have enough hands! By using a lanyard or carabiner, your keys have a designated, hands-free place to go as soon as you take them out of the ignition- either around your neck or clipped to your belt loop or purse. Make it a habit to just go from the ignition to the designated place, and keep you and your keys together.

Use the Clicker

Finally, we recommend never locking the car with anything except the remote clicker. When you use the buttons on the door to lock your car, you are more likely to leave your keys inside your car. However, if you lock your car with the clicker that is attached to the keys, you’ll already have them safely in your hands when you lock the door.

In the unfortunate event that none of these tips prove effective and you still end up locking your keys in your rental car, Value Van & Car Rental offers roadside assistance! Contact us today for a top-notch rental in Union, New Jersey, at (908) 851-9595.