Find the Best Car Rental Deals

Whether you’re headed out on vacation or need a temporary vehicle to get around, rental cars are your best option. But when it comes to renting a car or van, you want to make sure that you are getting the best deal possible from a reputable company. If you have never rented a vehicle before, it may seem a little daunting. So how do you go about getting the best car rental deal? Here are some tips from Value Van & Car Rental.

Find the Best Car Rental Deals

Check Multiple Companies

There are many rental companies out there and they all likely have different policies and deals at various times throughout the year. You shouldn’t settle on the first company you come across. You may come back to them, but investigate other offers before finalizing the booking. Check out their online reviews to make sure they are reputable and trustworthy and then review any specials they may have available.

Read the Agreement

Nobody likes to read the contracts in full, including all of the boring fine print. But when it comes to renting a vehicle, it’s important to understand any fees or situations that may arise, costing you more money at the end of your rental. Some companies are going to be laxer than others, and some may even try to squeeze out extra pennies when you return the vehicle if you didn’t follow the policy to a T. Look for things like mileage charges, return procedures, if pets are allowed, etc.


If you know for sure when and how long you’ll need the car rental, it’s best to book as soon as you can. This will ensure that you get the type of vehicle that meets your needs. Rental cars, especially during busy seasons, can book up fast. And while waiting until the last minute could get you a deal, it’s not worth the gamble of being unable to find a vehicle to rent at all. Plus, if you’ve already booked and a deal comes up, you may be able to negotiate the rate to meet the currently listed price.

Looking for a quality car or van rental in the Union or Newark, NJ areas? Value Van & Car Rental has you covered and our reviews speak for themselves. Contact us today over the phone at (908) 851-9595 or book a reservation online.