Drive Your New Jersey Rental Car Defensively

If you’ve driven through multiple states, it’s clear that different areas have different types of drivers. That holds true in New Jersey as well. If you’re a new visitor and driving a rental car, it can be a little overwhelming. Use these tips from Value Van & Car Rental to drive defensively and stay safe.

Drive Your New Jersey Rental Car Defensively

Wear a Seatbelt

Numerous programs have been running for years to emphasize the value of safety belt use. There is a reason why the message has persisted for so long. More than 2,000 unbuckled drivers and front seat passengers are thought to have perished on New Jersey’s roads over the course of the last ten years, with 700 of them reportedly being thrown from their cars, according to the New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety. The simplest defensive driving advice is to always buckle up. Your safety belt can shield you from injury in the event that all of the other defensive driving measures you take are ineffective and you still end up in a car accident. You are protected by the seat belt laws in New Jersey. When you start your automobile, do yourself a favor, and fasten your seatbelt.

Focus on the Road

The use of a cell phone while driving is one of the most common offenses for distracted driving. It is extremely risky to focus on your device instead of the road, whether you are chatting, texting, or using it in another way. The use of portable gadgets while driving was outlawed in New Jersey in March of 2008. Although permitted, using hands-free gadgets is not recommended as they divert your attention from the activity at hand. As mobile devices have become more prevalent, especially among younger drivers, cell phone safety has become increasingly crucial.

Avoid Aggression

We can all tell when another driver is driving aggressively. But, do you recognize when you are driving aggressively? Our nation’s roads are plagued by an epidemic of aggressive driving. In New Jersey, the nation’s most densely populated state, driver tension is especially severe. Steer clear of abrupt lane changes, tailgating, and gesturing at other motorists.

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