Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

New Jersey, as one of the oldest states in the union, is laden with sites of historical significance. Several different locations which represent various aspects of the United States’ progression can be explored by you and your family during your next New Jersey vacation.

It should come as no surprise that this historic state would be a great holiday destination to visit in your NJ car rental. Thanks to the railroad boom of the 1800s, this region was renowned for its vacation appeal, a status Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area still enjoys to this day.

With nearly 70,000 acres and a 40 mile-long valley, Delaware Water Gap is most certainly big enough to entertain your entire family on your next vacation to New Jersey. There are plenty of activities to choose from at this enormous and scenic escape. Hiking, camping, fishing, and bicycling are just a few choices sure to keep you and your brood entertained.

Perhaps the best way to take in the scope of this wondrous vacation destination is to take a drive in your rental car on one of the many roads inside the park. Most everywhere is visible from the safety of your car. Overlooks and waterfalls are just a couple reasons to take a spin around Delaware Water Gap.

Buttermilk Falls is one of the incredible sites you can visit on your drive when you rent a car from Value Van & Car Rental. You could leave the kids with a trusted adult at the campsite and take a romantic drive to the waterfall with your significant other. 

Be careful while out driving, though; there are bears, deer, and other large animals that could be injured if you aren’t paying attention to the road. Not to mention, if hit, they could also do damage to your rental car.

Historical sites aren’t just relegated to being old government buildings and war memorials. The splendor of American wilderness is a huge part of this country’s history and identity. What better place to explore that wild history than the Delaware Water Gap?

Vacationers have been enjoying this region for over 200 years and will most likely keep going on holidays there until the end of time. The only difference now is that you can make this journey in one of the cheap car rentals from Value Van & Car Rental, and don’t have to make the journey in a crowded train.

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