How To Choose the Right Car Rental

Newark Car RentalAt Value Van & Car Rental of New Jersey, you can choose from minivans, SUVs, Sprinter vans, cheap rental cars, and much more. But how do you know which van rental to choose? Here are just a few questions to ask yourself to determine which rental is right for you.

1. How do you plan to use your rental?

Are you in Newark for business or pleasure? The way you’ll use your rental will determine what type of car you want to rent. For example, if you’re in town and plan to take out a client, you may want to opt for a luxury car. However, if you need a vehicle to take your son’s baseball team to a Yankees game, a 15-passenger van rental may be a better fit.

2. How many passengers do you have?

This question may seem obvious, but don’t rent a mid-size sedan if you have more than five passengers. You may be better off booking a minivan to have the right number of seats and ample storage.

3. Will you need storage space?

If you don’t have more than a suitcase, a cheap car rental may work out just fine. However, if you’re traveling with lots of luggage or other gear, you may need a minivan rental that is built for both comfort and storage capacity. 

4. What’s your budget?

Value Van has a wide range of vehicles at affordable prices. However, don’t pay for more vehicle than you need. We recommend you figure out the answers to the previous questions and then choose the most affordable option. Also, be sure to check out our online rental specials.

If you need more help finding the right rental, contact Value Van of Newark, NJ, at (973) 792-0343. Our staff can help you find just the right rental for your time in New Jersey.