Car Ride Entertainment for Kids

Summer road trips may look different this year: less stops, more social distancing, and different destinations. But, one fact remains the same: kids get bored in cars. Most children these days have electronic devices to keep them busy, but if your kids don’t, it can be costly to purchase them just for entertainment in the car. Our team at Value Van & Car Rental has some non-electronic entertainment ideas to keep your trip within budget, and to get your children to see things other than a screen on your trip.

Car Entertainment for Kids

Affordable Entertainment Ideas

The ideas are endless for keeping your children entertained. It just takes a little creativity and planning, and they’ll forget about their electronic games or tablet devices. Here are a few of our favorites: 

  • State License Plate Checklist: Print off this check list of license plates from all across the United States. Have your children keep an eye out for these, and cross them off the list as they see them. See how many different license plates you can find by the end of the trip!
  • Coloring Kit: Bring coloring supplies such as colored pencils, coloring books, and blank paper. We recommend leaving the crayons at home, as you’ll probably be traveling during some hot weather and want to avoid melting crayons in the car.
  • Audio Books: Try listening to an audio book together. If you have small children, they could follow along with the corresponding picture book. If you have older children, encourage them to bring a book along, even if you don’t have an audio version. Try having your whole family read the same book, and discuss it during the car ride.
  • I-Spy/Scavenger Hunt: Create a list of things to spot during your trip. Your kids will have fun looking for all of the items, and it will ensure they’re actually seeing the scenery as you travel.


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