Before You Make the Reservation: Passenger Van Rentals

Are you ready to book a passenger van rental for your next big New Jersey adventure? We at Value Van & Car Rental want to do our best to make your van rental experience an enjoyable one. Therefore, consider the following few pieces of advice for choosing the right passenger van rental.

1. Consider your passengers.

Value Van and Auto Rental have several different passenger van rental options. Before you choose one based on economy, you will want to consider your travel buddies. For example, if you’re traveling with 10 adults, you may want to consider a 15 passenger van rental. That way, everyone has enough elbow room and space to store bags. However, if you’re just taxiing a bunch of littles to the New Jersey Aquarium, you can probably get by with one seat for each person.

2. Keep the occasion in mind.

Are you looking at passenger van rentals for a group outing? Or are you wanting more space for a family vacation? The decision whether to book a 12 passenger van rental or a 15 passenger van rental may be based on how you will use the vehicle. If you’re transporting several people for a fancy event, you may even decide to upgrade to a sprinter van rental.

3. Read through our rental policies thoroughly.

At Value Van & Car Rental, we do our best to keep you in the loop about what to expect. However, many car rental customers like to read through our rental policies for themselves. Take a peak so you won’t have any surprises, and let us know if you have any questions.

To book your passenger van rental today, contact Value Van and Car Rental of Union, NJ at (908) 851-9595.