5 Reasons to Rent a Conversion Van

When you start to look at rental cars for your family vacation or that group outing, conversion vans may not be on your personal radar. In fact, you may have thought they were a thing of the past. Not true. Our team at Value Van & Car Rental thinks that the conversion van may be one of our most under-appreciated vehicles that deserves a little attention. So as you decide on which rental vehicle is best, let us give you five reasons why the conversion van may be just what you need.

Conversion Van Rental

1. Space

When taking a road trip, no one likes to be cramped. Give yourself plenty of room to stretch in a conversion van that fits up to nine passengers.

2. Comfort

As a kid, we always fought for the front passenger seat. It was always the most comfortable. Well, in a conversion van, you get six captain chairs as well as a three-person bench that can convert into a bed. Now that’s comfort you don’t have to fight over.

3. Storage

Traveling long distances usually means bringing along plenty of luggage. The conversion van has space for everything you need for your journey.

4. Amenities

Do you like to have many cup holders? What about armrests or a stereo system? The conversion van is built for convenient road travel, giving you everything you need for an easy ride.

5. Entertainment

Probably the most popular feature—especially for those families with kids—is the built-in TV and DVD system. You can be on the road while your passengers enjoy watching a movie on the 21-inch flat screen TV. Before you know it, you’ll be at your destination without any complaints or excessive “Are we there yet?” questions.

Is a conversion van sounding like a great option for your next adventure? Contact Value Van & Car Rental of Union, NJ, today at (908) 851-9595 to find out more, or make a reservation. We’d be glad to answer any of your van rental questions and tell you about our current rental specials.