5 Newark Attractions to Visit Before Going Back to School

Don’t go back to school without taking a trip to New Jersey to experience all that Newark has to offer. When you get into town, Value Van & Car Rental has the rental car that can take you to all of the top attractions. Here are some of the top spots that you shouldn’t miss when you take your next trip to NJ.

Top Newark Attractions

1. The Newark Public Library

The Newark Public Library isn’t just a building to store books; it is an historical landmark. The Library faces Washington Park, formerly known as “the Market Place” and then as “the Upper Commons”. It was within this historically significant area that the city’s first iron foundry, brewery, and Seth Boyden’s factory were located. The district contains one of the largest remaining concentrations of red-brick townhouses in the city of Newark and reflects the architecture of the post–Civil War era.

2. Aljira, a Center for Contemporary Art

Aljira, a Center for Contemporary Art, is different from most art galleries you have been to, in that the walls are hung with pieces by artists who are not yet famous. Emerging and under-represented artists are showcased, while public understanding is strengthened through community-based educational programming. Guest curators bring their hearts and souls to refreshing exhibitions, from giant murals to gory portraits. Saturdays occasionally bring jazz concerts, to expand your cultural repertoire even further.

3. Newark Museum

Located in Newark’s Downtown Arts District, this huge, multi-faceted museum features 80 galleries of art and natural science exhibits. The extensive collection includes Native American, Asian, and African arts and artifacts, as well as the largest exhibit of Tibetan art in the Western Hemisphere. A planetarium, sculpture garden, and restored 1885 mansion are just some of the other highlights.

4. Branch Brook Park

Wandering paths, a lake, and winding streams are predominant features, but perhaps the crowning glory of Branch Brook Park is its cherry trees. It is the largest collection of cherry trees in the United States. Thousands flock to the park’s annual Cherry Blossom Festival, held during peak bloom time in April. Visitors also enjoy playgrounds, ballfields, tennis, a roller rink, and the Saturday morning Farmers’ and Community Market, which operates from mid-August to late October. Branch Brook Park is listed on both the state and National Historic Registers.

5. New Jersey Performing Arts Center

This ultra-modern art center houses the 2,750-seat Prudential Hall and the 500-seat Victoria Theater. It plays host to an array of annual cultural events and arts programming, including concerts by the esteemed New Jersey Symphony, the Vienna Boys Choir, and even Jerry Seinfeld. Enjoy free outdoor concerts all summer long!

Don’t wait any longer to book your trip to Newark to experience its unsurpassed history and culture. Contact Value Van & Car Rental today at (973) 792-0343 for more information, or book online anytime.