4 Reasons to Book a Cargo Van Rental

Have you found yourself needing to haul some things around? Pickup trucks are great, but weather can be a factor. Moving trucks can be too large to be practical. That’s why a cargo van rental falls right into the sweet spot. Your cargo is protected from the weather and the van is much easier to maneuver around town. Continue reading to learn more from the team at Value Van & Car Rental.

4 Reasons to Book a Cargo Van Rental

1. Transporting Furniture

A cargo van works wonderfully for bringing new furniture to your house or place of business if you’re buying it and don’t already have the proper vehicle. Any type of furniture, including a desk, bookshelf, couch, recliner, or table and chairs, can be safely transported in a cargo van for the benefit of both you and your new furniture.

2. Moving Locations

Are you moving to a new residence or place of business in the Union area that is relatively small? Then a cargo van rental can be the best solution for you. They have plenty of space for desk chairs, big file cabinets, small desks, and other office supplies. You can carry packed boxes, living room furniture, end tables, and even appliances like your washer and dryer when relocating the contents of your home.

3. Hauling Equipment

Are you transporting your child’s sports team to their yearly championship game or taking your family on an outdoor adventure? A cargo van can haul all the assorted items you need to bring with you. Cargo vans give you the room you need to enjoy your trip or sporting event, whether it is for coolers, baggage, bicycles, kayaks, or other sports equipment.

4. Making Deliveries

Does your business ever have to make extra deliveries? Maybe you could use an additional set of wheels during your busy season. A cargo van rental offers capacity for two people, as well as lots of space for moving goods and merchandise to your loyal clients.

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