3 Tips for Safe Rest Stops

If you’ve ever taken a long road trip, you know the value of a well-timed stop in a rest area. Taking time to stretch your legs, use the restrooms, and stock back up on vending machine snacks is an essential part of any road trip. However, over the years, we’ve seen a rise in crime taking place at rest stops and the very last thing we’d ever want is for your road trip to be ruined by vandalism or theft. To be sure your rest stop is a convenient pit stop and not an unnecessary risk, follow these three tips put together by our team at Value Van & Car Rental.

3 Tips for Safe Rest Stops

1. Stay Alert

While you may be pulling into a rest stop because you’re too tired to keep driving, it’s important to still be aware of your surroundings and not let your guard down. Take note of the rest stop’s name or the closest mile marker, so if you have an emergency you can give the authorities your location. Stay away from any area that could serve as a hiding place for a criminal, and try not to park beside large trucks as they can block your view of the parking lot.

2. Time Your Stop Carefully

It’s true that crime can occur at any time of the day; however, a road side rest area is most dangerous after the sun goes down. Try to time your stops at rest areas during daylight hours and if you need to stop somewhere at night, choose a staffed facility like a fast food restaurant or a convenience store. If you must stop at a rest area after the sun goes down, choose one that seems secure and well-lit. Proper lighting can go a long way in discouraging crime at rest areas.

3. Don’t Spend the Night

It can be tempting to save some money by sleeping in your car at a rest stop. However, it isn’t necessarily safe and many states have even banned sleeping at rest stops due to increased crime. If you don’t want to book a hotel room, look for a campground or state park where you can safely snooze in your vehicle for a small fee.

Use these safety tips and a rental car from Value Van & Car Rental for a successful road trip. We provide high-quality, affordable car and van rentals to our awesome customers in Union and Newark, NJ. Contact us today at (908) 851-9595 to make your reservation.