3 Tips for Road-Tripping with Pets

For many Americans, pets are an important part of the family. So when planning a family vacation, they are, of course, included in the plan. Although pets have specific needs and can make traveling a little more difficult, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. Our team at Value Van & Car Rental wants to remind you that pets are adaptable, so if you take the time to get them used to riding in a vehicle, walking on a leash, and spending time away from home, there’s no reason to leave them behind on your next family vacation. Read on for a few safety tips we’ve put together to give you a smooth road trip with your pets.

Road-Tripping with Pets

1. Be Prepared

You may be used to packing for for your family members when you take a road trip, but adding a pet to the mix means adding several additional items they’ll need to feel safe and comfortable. Make a list before your trip so you don’t forget any of the pet essentials. Here’s one to help get your started:

  • Food/Water (plus bowls)
  • Leash
  • Waste pick-up bags
  • Litter (for cats)
  • Toys
  • Brush
  • Crate
  • Comfort items or bedding

2. Use a Pet Harness

Dogs make great car companions – until they try to jump in your lap while you’re driving! But even if your dog settles quietly in the back seat, it’s a good idea to secure him, just as we humans put on our seatbelts. The truth is that, if an accident were to occur, dogs are just as susceptible to injury as humans.

3. Pack Proper IDs and Records

Even the best-trained pets can get away from time to time. Be sure that your pet has up-to-date tags with your name and phone number. Microchipping your pet is also a great way to track them down if they get lost. Additionally, depending on where you’re staying, you may be asked to present vaccination records for your pets. So, before you travel, be sure they are up-to-date on their shots and the records are easy to access. Finally, if your pet has any medical ailments or allergies, you should bring all relevant paperwork.

New Jersey is full of great destinations for your family and your pets to enjoy. For all of your New Jersey travel plans, be sure to contact Value Van & Car Rental at (908) 851-9595 for a reliable and affordable rental car, minivan rental, SUV rental, and more. You can also make a reservation online anytime.