3 Summer Car Maintenance Tips

At Value Van & Car Rental, we love a good summer road trip. However, before you can head out on the road, it’s very important to make sure your car is up to the challenge. The summer heat especially can take a toll on your vehicle; so before you you head out, follow these three car maintenance tips to make sure your car won’t break down on the road.

Summer Car Maintenance Tips

1. Check Your Tires

Wear and tear is a normal part of life; however, there are certain things that become dangerous as they age. Tires, for example, can be extremely dangerous for drivers if they are not in good working order. Tires that are worn, misaligned, or incorrectly inflated can lead to inconvenient flats, or even deadly accidents. Before you hit the road, check your tire pressure or let a local mechanic do it for you.

2. Change the Oil

Is your vehicle up to date on its oil changes? Most owner manuals recommend oil changes every 7,500 miles, but not every car owner follows this rule. Changing your oil is important to maintain proper lubrication to reduce the amount of friction your engine produces. Oil changes also get rid of dirt and debris, which can make your engine run more efficiently. Reduce your chances of car trouble on the road by changing your oil before you leave.

3. Change the Windshield Wipers

While it’s true that summertime in New Jersey brings plenty of sunshine, it can also bring harsh thunderstorms and heavy rains. If you’re out on the road and find yourself in a massive rainstorm, you’ll need windshield wipers you can depend on. Remember, your wiper blades could have been damaged during the winter, so invest in some new blades this summer.

Do you want to have a safe summer road trip, but you don’t have the time to complete the necessary maintenance on your car? No problem! Rent from Value Van & Car Rental in New Jersey for a reliable car, van, or SUV that will get you to your destination safely. Contact us today at (908) 851-9595 or make a reservation online.