3 Steps to Plan a Successful Business Trip

In today’s world where many Americans are still working remotely or from home, it’s still important to have face-to-face meetings and foster corporate relationships. If corporate travel is a part of your job, you know that planning is a big part of having a successful trip. To help you plan for your upcoming business trip, the Value Van & Car Rental team has put together these three steps.

Tips to Plan a Successful Business Trip

1. Make Arrangements in Advance

The biggest mistake you can make on a business trip is to fail to make arrangements ahead of time. This is especially true if you are traveling with your boss or other superiors. By making your rental car arrangements and your hotel reservations in advance, your boss will have renewed faith in your abilities. To impress them even further, research restaurants in the area and have a few suggestions ready when the team is ready to eat after a long day of meetings.

2. Pack Extras

Another great way to impress your boss is by being prepared for anything. You’ll want to stay as productive as possible on the trip, so make sure you remember all of your electronics and their chargers, but take it a step further and pack extras. Throw an extra phone charger in your electronic bag in case someone on your team forgot theirs. You’ll give yourself a reputation of being prepared and helpful to the rest of the team.

3. Carry-On

Finally, if your trip includes air travel, we always recommend packing a carry-on. Even if you plan to check a bag with most of your belongings, it can’t hurt to also include a carry-on just in case. Pack some essentials, including a professional outfit in your carry-on, so if something happens to your checked luggage, you will still be ready and dressed appropriately. You wouldn’t want to be caught in a meeting in your casual travel outfit!

The key to any successful business trip is in the planning, so don’t wait to book your rental car. At Value Van & Car Rental, we work hard to ensure that your rental experience is quick and easy. Whether you need to rent a car in New Jersey to drive to your destination, or you need an airport rental once you arrive in Newark, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today at (908) 851-9595 or make a reservation online.