3 Reasons to Rent a Minivan

For some reason, minivans aren’t considered very cool by the average driver on the road. Something about the look of the minivan makes our younger selves cringe, and renting one for a vacation might not sound like much fun. However, out team at Value Van & Car Rental is here to tell you that, even if you are hesitant to rent a minivan, it’s worth it! If your family is too large for a sedan or you have more luggage than an SUV can handle, it’s time to consider a minivan. Read on for a few more reasons!

3 Reasons to Rent a Minivan

1. More Comfort

Minivans were built for comfortable travel. Traveling with kids comes with its own challenges, so you don’t want comfort to be one of them. Enjoy the space of a minivan, which accommodates up to seven passengers. Our Chrysler Pacificas even come with stow-and-go compartments to store all your luggage without compromising leg room. They are perfect for a family vacation! Also, the seats in our minivans are lush and supportive – for even more comfort!

2. More Convenience

From sliding side doors to plenty of cup holders, a minivan is packed with features that make travel easier. You can enjoy dual climate zones for front and back passengers, stereo system, large storage capacity, and much more. At Value Van, we have upgrade options for your minivan rental, such as Sirius XM Radio, TV, and DVD player.

3. More Economical

Renting a car shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. And, when it comes to van rentals, the minivan is a solid choice. It has good fuel efficiency whether you’re driving around here in New Jersey or planning a long road trip. Plus, we keep our rental rates affordable. You may even qualify for additional rental discounts, so be sure to check out our current specials.

Serving Union, Jersey City, and the surrounding areas, Value Van ensures a great rental experience from start to finish. Contact us at (908) 851-9595 for your next minivan rental, or make a reservation online. And check out our convenient airport rentals if you’re flying into Newark, NJ.