3 Reasons to Rent a 15-Passenger Van

If you’re looking for a passenger van rental, we can probably safely assume that you have a few people that you need to get from point A to point B. To get your group where you need to go, our crew at Value Van & Car Rental wants to suggest a few reasons why a 15-passenger van rental is right for you.

Passenger Van Rental

1. Space

The longer and farther you travel with a group, the smaller that vehicle will feel by the trip’s end. To avoid feeling claustrophobic, your best bet is to rent a 15-passenger van that gives everyone plenty of elbow room. Even if you don’t have 15 people in tow, you can spread out and have plenty of space.

2. Storage

Our 15-passenger vans have ample storage. However, many people choose the 15-passenger model instead of the 12-passenger van for that added row you can use for additional storage space. So if your group has a lot of luggage or supplies you plan to bring along, you may be better off getting a 15-passenger van instead of a minivan or 12-passenger model.

3. Ease of Travel

Caravanning with walkie-talkies seems like a great idea starting off. But sooner or later, someone breaks from the pack. No one travels at the same speed, and forget about using cruise control. However, with a 15-passenger van, you can eliminate these hassles often created by caravanning by traveling together. Another bonus is that our passenger vans have a DVD entertainment package option, which can make your journey that much easier.

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