3 Reasons to Book a Conversion Van Rental

Oh, the van rental options! From minivan rentals to passenger van rentals, you may have a hard time deciding just which van rental is best for your New Jersey travels. In case you’re considering a conversion van rental, we at Value Van & Car Rental want to give you a few reasons why this rental option may suit you well.

1. Travel comfortably.

Most conversion van rentals easily fit up to seven passengers and even have four captain seats, unlike passenger van rentals that usually have only bench seating. This comfortable seating is especially beneficial if you’re traveling outside New Jersey and want to make the long journey a bit easier for you and your companions.

2. Get optimal storage capacity.

Conversion van rentals are built for trips, giving you plenty of space to store your luggage—or maybe the souvenirs you plan on bringing back with you. You can easily fit several large pieces of luggage without taking up anyone’s leg space.

3. Enjoy on-board entertainment.

At Value Van and Car Rental of NJ, our conversion van rentals come equipped with a flat-screen TV as well as a DVD player. You’ll be amazed at how much faster travel time flies when you’re watching a movie—or when your kids aren’t asking “how much longer?” for the thousandth time. This feature is why many families opt for the conversion van rental.

Value Van & Car Rental would love to answer all your questions about a conversion van rental and tell you about our current van rental specials. Many people choose our car rental company because of our customer service and convenient locations both in Newark, NJ and Union, NJ. To speak with a staff member or to make a reservation, contact Value Van & Car Rental at (908) 851-9595.