Are you planning a road trip with a large group? Perhaps you have a large family or you’re taking a business trip with several of your coworkers. Whatever your plans are, our team at Value Van & Car Rental urges you to consider renting a passenger van for your adventure. Today we’ve listed three reasons why you’re going to fall in love with traveling by passenger van.

Passenger Van Perks

1. Stay Comfortable

If you’re traveling in the New Jersey area with a large group of people, you know you’re going to need plenty of elbow room. Our traditional 12-passenger or 15-passenger van models come with plenty of space for everyone in your group.

2. Stay Together

No one likes to caravan when traveling. When you have more than two vehicles, someone is bound to get left behind or lost. Plus, it’s just not an effective method of travel. Your best bet is to get a passenger van that can accommodate your entire crew. Even if you can’t fit your whole group in one van, you can minimize the number of vehicles in your entourage by choosing a van that accommodates more people.

3. Pack Everything

Passenger vans have plenty of space for your luggage and personal belongings. They’re built for helping groups get from here to there, so don’t feel like you have to minimize how much you bring. And if you feel like you still need some additional space, you can also rent a cargo van to carry everything you need to transport to your destination.

Want to find out more about our passenger vans? Our team at Value Van & Car Rental would love to tell you all about our traditional 12-passenger and 15-passenger models. We can help you decide which van is best for your needs, and help finalize your reservation. To find out more or to rent your van, contact us today at (908) 851-9595, or book online anytime at your convenience.