3 Mistakes to Avoid While Driving at Night

When planning a long road trip, some choose to drive through the night to get to their destination sooner. Many parents choose this timing so their children will sleep through the drive, while others just prefer not to waste any vacation daylight hours on driving. Whatever your reasoning, if you’re planning to drive through the night, there are certain risks and safety precautions you should be aware of. Check out these three night-driving mistakes to avoid brought to you by your friends at Value Van & Car Rental.

Night Driving Mistakes to Avoid

1. Speeding

The temptation to speed seems to be even higher at night. The traffic is typically lower and you’re anxious to get to your destination quickly. However, just because the roads seem clear doesn’t mean there aren’t unforeseen obstacles right around the corner. You may run into traffic unexpectedly, an animal may run across the road, or you may encounter a sharp turn you didn’t realize was there. So, even if your path ahead seems clear, it’s still important to maintain a safe speed at night, and always abide by the law.

2. Exhaustion

Of course, exhaustion is a pretty serious concern when driving through the night. All the coffee in the world won’t help if your body is truly worn out. For the safety of yourself, your passengers, and everyone else on the road, make sure you are aware of your limitations and don’t be stubborn! We understand how tempting it can be to forgo getting a hotel in the middle of the night to save time and money, but your safety is more important. If you find yourself dozing off behind the wheel but you don’t want to stop for the night, pull into a rest stop or gas station and get some fresh air. This should help wake you up and get you through the rest of your trip.

3. Other Distractions

Finally, as we mentioned above, when the road is seemingly clear, drivers tend to let their guard down. You may feel like you’re the only one on the road so it’s safe to check your phone or gadget. Similarly, you may feel the need to eat or drink more than you typically would while driving. These distractions can quickly turn to disaster, so keep your guard up and drive safely!

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