Military Park in Newark, NJ

With deep roots in American history, Military Park in Newark, NJ has had its ups and downs. However, recent revitalization of this downtown Newark park means it is quickly being restored to its former beauty, making it a great place … Continued

Branch Brook Park in Newark, NJ

Newark residents and visitors alike cannot speak about New Jersey attractions without mentioning the city’s beautiful Branch Brook Park. Located in the heart of Newark, NJ, Branch Brook Park has much to offer our car rental customers.

Group Dining in Newark, NJ

Finding a restaurant for a larger group isn’t always as easy as it sounds. You want to find a restaurant that not only has great food, but also an accommodating and welcoming atmosphere—especially when you pile out of your sprinter … Continued

An Architectural Tour of Newark

Architectural enthusiasts and history buffs can find many interesting attractions in Newark, New Jersey. Newark has many buildings and homes from different time periods, offering visitors a glimpse into NJ and American history and culture. So pick up a 15 … Continued

Washington Park of Newark, NJ

A central hub of culture, art, beauty, and history, Washington Park of Newark, NJ has much to offer visitors and New Jersey residents alike. Washington Park is located in downtown Newark, less than a ten-minute drive from Value Van and … Continued