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At Value Van and Car Rental, you can choose which car rental in NJ is right for you. Not everyone has the same taste in style, make, model, and price, so we have a large selection of vehicles that makes it easy to find the perfect fit when you’re traveling in New Jersey.


Few car rental companies in New Jersey can offer the selection that we do. Contact us at 908-851-9595 to reserve your favorite vehicle today. We’re located in Union, New Jersey, and serve the surrounding areas including Newark, Elizabeth, and beyond.

A Custom-Picked Car Rental Fleet

With so many options to choose from, you’ll feel like your car rental has been personalized just for you. Whether you want an economy car that can easily navigate crowded streets or a luxury car that indulges you at every turn in the road, Value Van and Car Rental has the right set of wheels waiting on our lot. If you’re not sure which car to rent, the following descriptions will help:

  1. Economy Cars: Small and compact, this environmentally friendly vehicle gets incredible gas mileage and has reduced carbon dioxide emissions. Our economy rentals are also budget-friendly, making them the cheapest car rental option that we offer.
  2. Intermediate Cars: A cross between an economy car and a sedan, an intermediate rental car boasts a compact body with plenty of cabin space. Many of these models get amazing gas mileage and have lower car rental rates as well.
  3. Standard Cars: For trips where you need more space, try one of our standard car rentals. These comfortable mid-size sedans drive smoothly and allow your family to have more elbow room.
  4. Luxury Cars: This car is dressed to impress. Complete with state-of-the-art technology, world-class handling, and powerful engines, our luxury car rentals really do have it all. The best car rental for romantic getaways or important business meetings, a luxury car won’t disappoint.
  5. Premium Cars: When you want to rent a car with unparalleled space, try our premium, full-size sedans. From the seats with extra padding to the intuitive dashboard system, every inch of these cars was designed with your comfort in mind.

Contact us today and we’ll help you find the perfect car rental to suit your needs. Look no further for first-class car rental service for your next trip. With over 25 years of experience, we are proud to be known as a first-class car rental company in NJ. You won’t be disappointed no matter what car rental you choose with Value Van & Car Rental.

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Value Van and Car Rental Benefits

While we do offer a large variety of cars, we don’t stop there. When you choose us, you’ll also get to take advantage of our discounted pricing specials, unlimited mile packages, and free roadside assistance. Better yet, we have the freedom to be flexible with our clients. We provide free pickup and drop-off services if you reserve an airport car rental for three or more days. We prioritize customer service to ensure a pleasurable rental process to start your trip off the right way. Let us know if you want a daily, weekly, or monthly car rental, and we’ll take care of the rest.

In addition to our car rental selection, Value Van and Car Rental also offers several other types of vehicles, including van rentals, SUV rentals, production vehicles, airport rental cars, and used car sales. Contact us today at 908-851-9595 to make a reservation, and we’ll give you the keys to an incredible journey.

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