Luxury Car Rental

Take traveling to the next level with a luxury car rental from Value Van and Car Rental. Sophisticated, sleek, and lavish, these head-turners do anything but blend in with other cars. Show up like a VIP no matter where you’re going in New Jersey.

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Luxury Car Rentals
• Chrysler 300
• Number of Passengers: 5
• Luggage Capacity: 3-4
• Doors: 4
• Transmission: Automatic
• Stereo: AM/FM w/ CD player
• A/C, Power Locks & Windows

Whether you’re on a romantic getaway or on a business trip with a high-end client, our luxury car rentals are guaranteed to make a statement. We’re located in Union, NJ, and we serve the surrounding areas, including Newark, Elizabeth, and NYC.

When you rent a luxury car, driving isn’t as much about arriving at your destination as it is about enjoying the ride. The class and sophistication of our luxury car rentals is unmatched compared to other vehicles on the road. Contact us at 908-851-9595, and enrich your entire driving experience.

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Matchless Amenities

Some people want to rent a luxury car for its supreme handling; others crave the extravagant interiors. The truth is that these rental cars give you no shortage of reasons to want to upgrade. Below are just a few of the lavish amenities you can look forward to when you decide to drive the best.

  • World-class handling
  • Powerful engines
  • Incredible acceleration
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Ritzy interiors

Contact us at 908-851-9595 to reserve one of our luxury rentals today. They will not disappoint.

Luxury Rental Cars: Undeniably Distinctive

The difference between driving a normal rental car and driving a luxury rental car is like the difference between watching a movie on a box TV or watching it on a large-screen, HD TV. Either way, you get to see the movie. However, only one of those options gives you vibrant colors and life-like effects that bring the film to life. In the same way, the powerful engines, lavish interiors, and world-class handling of our luxury rentals will dramatically transform your driving experience, bringing your drive to life in a whole new way. Arrive in style wherever you’re going when you rent a luxury vehicle.

Extra Add-ons

Better yet, when you rent a car from Value Van and Car Rental, you have access to several unique benefits in addition to the ones your luxury car rental or other car rental already offers. Read below to see how we infuse a little luxury into all of our business deals:

  • Unlimited Miles: All of our car rentals, van rentals, and SUV rentals come with unlimited mileage packages so you can go where you want to without paying more. See our policies for more details.
  • Wide Selection: We offer almost any kind of vehicle you would expect from a rental company, plus a few extras. You can even get an airport car rental, production vehicle, or an economy car rental.
  • Special Deals: Don’t let money stop you from choosing the luxury car rental of your dreams. We are constantly offering several different coupons, specials, and deals so that you can save even more.

Indulge yourself and drive an elite car for your next trip, vacation, or getaway. Contact us at 908-851-9595 to make a reservation; we look forward to giving you the best in New Jersey.